Selection Notice Training Expert

WORK POINT         (Training Expert) 

Job position             Training expert

Required service 

(3 training * 5 sessions a day / for each training)

In total 15 days of training

October 2018 – Janar  2019


Agritra-Vizion is a regional organization that is implementing in Albania in the cross-border region Albania Macedonia The project “Social enterprises – a bridge between the social sector and traditional businesses ( #SEBridge )” This project is funded by the European Union in Macedonia and implemented in cooperation with #CEEDMacedonia organizations, #PublicAssociation in Macedonia as well as #AgritraVision and #CEEDAlbania in Albania. For her needs, Agritra-Vision seeks to hire a person in the position of “Expert Training” to cover the needs of the Agritra-Vision organization in the trainings that will be carried out with tasks as described below.

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Qualifications of the candidate

Ø  To have experience in providing training for start-ups, entrepreneurs, business development, business planning etc. (Has provided at least five trainings on relevant topics / target groups)

Ø To have experience in providing business support services to companies / start-ups / social enterprises.

Ø  To have in-depth knowledge of the Canvas Business Model, experienced in model development, or delivering training to develop a Canvas business model.

Ø  To have experience in working with social enterprises (Advantage will be given to Experts who have worked as consultants and / or trainers for social enterprises)                                                                                                                                                                                              (Entrepreneurship (raising and increasing the company) will be an advantage.

Ø  To have BACHELOR degree in venture, economy or minimum in relevant fields.                                                                                                      Priority will be given to Master’s degree in one of the respective fields.

Ø  Recognizing the business environment and eco-system of social entrepreneurship in Albania and in the region.

Ø  Knowledge of Albanian and English is a necessity.

Ø  Qualifications, studies and other experiences are an advantage

The latest application date is 08 October 2018 at 16.00

Interested candidates should submit an updated CV at: [email protected] or by visiting the offices of the organization.

Only the selected candidate will be contacted for recruitment in the training.